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Ryan Neville

& The Midnight Blues Band

Guitarist, Perfomer, Composer, Educator

Born in Christchurch New Zealand, Ryan Neville has been entertaining for 25 years.
Hand picked, not only for there stunning, creative ability, but there for there personality
and character. The Midnight Blues Band have forged a name for themselves amongest Blues
aficionados. Miss Lacey (Vocals), Sandi Wilson (Keys,Vocals), Aaron Nicol (Bass),
Nik Robinson (Drums), are the driving force behind each show!

Ryan Neville, All about Blues

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The Midnight Blues Band

Vocals: Miss Lacey
Miss Lacey, Backing Vocals and Percussion - My style is very much grounded in blues and rock with a hint of jazz and an underlying country tangent, and just a pinch of primal scream. I am constantly influenced by most music genres in some way or another and I enjoy trying out the vocal challenges presented by many of them. My five year musical journey to date has included many solo and duo performances in and around Christchurch, with Ryan Neville’s Midnight Blues Band being my most notable accomplishment to date. With a crazy passion for fashion, the chance to have fun with costumes and bling add a creative element to each new performance. Watch this space! It’s still slightly surreal, but also a real privilege to be included under the ‘band family’ umbrella and getting to soak up the show atmosphere with such skilled, fun musicians is just the icing on the cake!


One of the most important facets of stage craft, Ryan points out, is having a very tight fun, creative and loyal band. "If we have fun onstage, the audience will have fun" quotes Ryan, "We are entertainers, our role is to entertain, lift people, give back"

The Midnight Blues Band

Miss Lacey (Vocals), Sandi Wilson (Keys,Vocals), Aaron Nicol (Bass), Nik Robinson (Drums), are the driving force behind each show! Each member of the band is a multi instrumentalist, with many accolades to there names.

Vocals & Keys: Sandi Wilson
Sandi Wilson, Piano/Keys - Playing from a young age, initially self taught and inspired by classical piano, I then tried guitar and loved that too. Can't say I love one over the other, but my heart was ignited with piano so that's probably the winner! I've covered a lot of ground across a fair few decades of playing. My main influences would be 70 and 80s, Rock, Blues with a bit of classical and Jazz! I love trying to combine all of those styles or ‘feels’ together to be more creative and interesting, I guess. Each new song is a new challenge. I always love playing with other musicians. Our Ryan Neville Show band really is the ultimate, a bunch of talented musicians all bringing their own personalities, history and skills to the table is ‘soul satisfying!’
Bass Guitar: Aaron Nicol
Aaron Nicol, Bass player - At ten, after 3 guitar lessons, I decided that it wasn't for me. In High School, I learned trumpet and discovered I had a talent for music. So I took up guitar again, along with drums, piano and bass. At 16 I joined the Puawai Performing Arts Trust and have had many great music experiences over the years. I enjoy most music genres and have many great influences that I love. But my real playing style is a true testament to the fabulous musicians that I have performed with, and who l can never thank enough, for shaping me into the musician I have become. In saying that, it's an absolute honour to be a member of the Ryan Neville Midnight Blues Band, would be an understatement. Ryan and the band are more like whanau than just members of a band, and that truly shows on stage.

About the Universe

Can you imagine your life without music? It’s almost impossible. Whether we are cruising in the car headed to the beach on a hot summer day or listening to muzak at a doctor’s office, we are constantly surrounded by song. Makeups, breakups, parties, hanging out with friends, singing along with our kids, or caroling a Christmas tune—music stamps nearly every aspect of our life. Much in the way a killer soundtrack accompanies a movie, most of us have songs that accent each phase of our lives, melodies that instantly bring us back to specific moments or memories when we hear them even years later.

Original Albums

10 original albums to Ryan’s name, and songs such as “Paint the Sky Blue” and “The Mother Road” have been gaining fans and radio play world wide.

Drums & Percussion: Nik Robinson
Nik Robinson, Drummer - I originate from the West Midlands where I gained a keen sense of rhythm and honed my ear for music. I settled on the drums as my instrument of choice and my style of drumming developed from there. I’ve had many influences along the way, heavy hitters such as John Bonham and Cozy Powell, to name just a few. Having played with multiple bands over the years I relish the opportunity to lead many a good evening of music and dancing with a keen passionate sense of melody, rhythm, and speed. I am proud to play with Ryan and the team and take comfort in playing the blues, especially as I feel most of the songs are kind of biographical.
Sound & Lighting: Michelle Robinson
Michelle Robinson, Sound and Lighting Engineer - Jazz and Blues inspire me when I hear the magical combination of quality music and vocals by passionate artists that connect with the audience. I enjoy a wide range of genres, from across different cultures from solo artists to large complex performances, especially the band scene. Chilling out for me is listening to a song that resonates, then unpacking and exploring different recorded performance interpretations. After touring with the band for almost two years, I’m continually honing my skills on the sound and lighting desk to create a dynamic show, while factoring in the challenges of each new venue. Being part of Ryan’s Midnight Blues Band is a lot of creative fun as we work to give every show its own unique Mojo.

Live acts and Video performance

Here we have YT videos for you. You see, you need to join us live!


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